Kane's Bio

Kane Cole, son of legendary guitarist and band leader Jerry Cole grew up among many of the pioneers of Rock and Roll in Los Angeles during the 1960's and 70's. With an education most musicians would dream of, Kane's schooling would literally be from osmosis under the wing of his father Jerry and cohorts Glen Campbell, Andy Williams and the like.

In the late 1970's and subsequent 80's Kane's love of surfing introduced him (naturally) to punk rock and with guitar in hand made his way over to a Battalion of Saints rehearsal and was hired on the spot. Kane's stint with the Saints was not to be out-done by his witty charm as a public television talk show host for The Tomorrow Night Show and his most recent recording sessions and live gigs with Odball in the 2-thousands.

Upon the recent passing of his father Jerry, Kane and many of Jerry's fellow tribe played a benefit memorial concert at The Baked Potato with the blessing of pianist (and club owner) Don Randi, and was attended by some of the most recorded musicians in Los Angeles including Mike Vernon, Hal Blaine, Slacktone and many of the coolest cats out there. On that day is was obvious to all Jerry's piers handed the torch to Kane.. to pick up where his father left off.. and 'little' Kane is in the studio now working on his first solo recording to be heard in 2009.

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